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These are the five key investing principles we learned from playing golf at Cruden Bay.


Think about the downside first

Whether investing or playing golf, one should think about the downside first before considering the upside. At Cruden Bay, there are plenty of short holes that appear to be a pushover, but you can easily walk away with a double bogey if you don’t play them wisely.


Practice patience

We see the value in being patient and disciplined when investing. Practicing these same virtues when playing Cruden Bay improved our scores. “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course—the space between your ears." - Bobby Jones


View opportunities from different perspectives

Cruden Bay forces you to think through multiple options on every shot. Playing your normal golf game of driver, iron and putt, would land you in a lot of trouble at Cruden Bay. Just like in investing, you should approach your research from as many points of view as possible. Following everybody else is a recipe for sub-par performance.


Focus on what we can control

It’s easy to get distracted by the elements while playing golf at Cruden Bay. We have experienced strong crosswinds, rain, fog and even sunshine. We recognize that the course conditions are beyond our control so our strategy is to optimize the things that we can control. Similarly, we try to avoid the daily noise surrounding global markets and focus on what we can control.


Learn from the best

The first time we played golf at Cruden Bay was a struggle, but we went out and played the course as much as we could to get a greater understanding of how to think strategically on all 18 holes. Like Sir Isaac Newton, we are looking to stand on the shoulders of giants so that we can see further. We continuously learn by reading and through exposure to prominent investors and great minds.

Portfolio Management

“Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience.”

Warren Buffett

Portfolio Management

At Cruden Bay Investment Management, we customize each portfolio to match our client’s goals and risk tolerance. We are independent thinkers and are not required to recommend proprietary investment products. Because we don’t have the inherent conflicts found at many investment banks and brokerage firms, we have the flexibility to provide objective guidance for our clients that includes:

  • Investment strategy and portfolio allocation
  • Advanced portfolio analytics
  • Consolidated reporting

Our investment philosophy shapes the personalized portfolios we create. The key investing principles come from lessons we learned while golfing at Cruden Bay. We pair them with the perspectives of thought leaders we respect to develop portfolios that meet our clients’ needs.

“The most powerful force in the universe is compounding interest.”

Albert Einstein

Financial Planning Services

When it comes to financial planning, we believe coaching legend John Wooden said it best,

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

For our clients who need financial planning services, we use innovative technology to incorporate a six-step process:


Determine your current financial situation

How do things look today?


Develop your current financial goals

We help put together your financial picture so you can have a clearer vision of what you want to achieve


Identify alternative courses of action

Use multiple scenario analysis to show how your goals can be pursued in different ways


Evaluate alternatives

Consider factors such as risk tolerance, life situation, personal values and more in order to evaluate multiple planning scenarios


Create and implement your financial action plan

After steps 1-4, this is where the rubber meets the road with your personalized financial action plan


Review and revise the financial plan

Periodic reviews with you can identify any changes that need to be made to your plan

In addition to portfolio management and comprehensive financial planning, we often assist clients in these specific areas:

  • Advanced estate planning
  • Tax-sensitive investing
  • Trust services
  • Alternative investments
  • Single-stock risk management
  • Executive compensation
  • Business exit planning
  • Financial windfall planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Foundation and endowment guidance

Wealth Management Services for Families

Wealth Management Services for Families

Family dynamics and significant multigenerational wealth present a unique set of dynamics and challenges. We provide specialized guidance to help multigenerational families navigate these challenges and thrive in a complicated world.

When it comes to communication between family members, nothing in wealth management is more critical – or complicated. Once we understand the family’s needs and communication protocol, we keep in touch with the kids, as well as the parents, to ensure that everyone is fully informed.

Communication between the professionals involved is equally important.

Ultra-high net worth families frequently work with a team of professionals that may include business managers, attorneys, tax advisors and accountants. They often have more than one financial advisor as well. We are experienced in collaborating with other advisors and business professionals and are very comfortable doing so.

Our family office capabilities include:

  • Estate and tax planning
  • Personal financial planning
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Investment strategy and management
  • Financial education

Through our use of innovative technology, we are able to provide families with a straightforward reporting solution that tracks and presents all their investments in a single summary.

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