The Story Behind Our Name

The Story Behind Our Name

Cruden Bay is a golf course in the Northeast of Scotland where Jon and I love to play golf (and enjoy eating the sticky toffee pudding).

When we decided to work together, Jon suggested we call our company Cruden Bay Investment Management. So I asked him, “What exactly does the Cruden Bay golf course have to do with investment management?”

Jon looked at me with a glint in his eye and, without a blink, said there were several key investing principles he learned by playing golf at Cruden Bay:

  1. Think about the downside first
  2. Practice patience
  3. View opportunities from different perspectives
  4. Focus on what we can control
  5. Learn from the best

Our investment philosophy was so consistent with what we learned from playing the golf course that we named the company:

Cruden Bay Investment Management

Selwyn and Jon

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